Month: October 2016

I was reading my friends posts

and I just had to say that I recently realized that the mlm I was formerly in, wanted me to be their next “poster child”. Their next bread winner, well they made me feel that way. I was prepped and had some more time spent, (not as much as I wanted at the time), than others in my upline’s downline. I was recently told this by someone I tried to sign up(in the past) and my former signee. I’m still not sure the reason, but I guess they thought I was to nice to say “no”. They put so much pressure on me to succeed, that I just wanted to back out. It was over done. The attention in the beginning was appealing that they gave me, but over a short time, it wore off like a basic sales pitch. I guess they thought I was attention starved, well, they where wrong. They never let up or gave me a break. If you see someone you know constantly saying how great they are being treated in an mlm, just wait until they make “one false move”, then they will get dumped like a hot potatoe. It’s only a matter of time. My first upline was 3 months, before I got the boot. My second downline, was about the same.

I asked my former upline, why do they do this when it happened, and she said “even I got the boot and had to work my way back into the circle”. I thought that was severe and kinda weird. To controlling in my opinion. It’s all surface stuff. They will only help you with your mlm biz. They are not your friends. They are only comrads in the mlm biz with you. That is my lesson that I learned. The friendships were faked. That is almost worse than taking thousands of dollars from me, in my opinion. At least, I came out with my dignity still in tack.
Now the one mlm that I was involved with is going to England and other European countries. I hope they are on this site, and we can warn them!

If you have already explained to her that you are not interested

she should leave it at that. Depending on how brainwashed she is she may pressure you or distance herself. They teach in some organizations to disassociate yourself with negativity, anything that may steal your dream…unfortunately that can and does include family and friends. You have to handle it with kid gloves if your friendship is that important to you. Maybe you can share some of the information you have received through research if she pressures you. This will probably trigger her to tell you that those people are just “jealous, broke losers” I guess what I’m trying to say is there is no good way to talk about this with her. You may just have to agree to disagree and just not discuss what is going on in her “business”. If she does see the light she most likely will be scarred somewhat from the experience, your job as her friend is to jAs for her being successful and making 6 figures in the
next three years…. the success rate for MLM’s is very low less than 2%.

I’ve so enjoyed reading the posts by my friends

I have a dear friend who is completely gung ho on Market America. She’s been in a little over a year. I’ve told her that I don’t like it, negative dream stealer that I am, and it’s caused a little friction, nothing serious.
How do you support a friend who you love who’s chosen something that you DON’T love? It’s such a big part of her life now that it seems difficult to just not talk about it…I don’t know whether to just let her talk now that I’ve said my piece and not refute claims she’s making, etc. I figure this whole deal will be a few years in the making, and then will blow over, but I would appreciate any advice.
Plus, maybe I’m wrong and she’ll be living off of a six figure residual income within 3 more years…?

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