Month: December 2016

Unless Amway and Quixtar and the rest of the deceptive cult has changed drastically in the last year

So, writing a letter to them will do nothing, but writing a letter to the Attorney General’s office will get their attention fast. Upon my giving notice of leaving Quixtar/Amway I was immediately and completely cut off from any and all communication with any of the members.
The person who sigend me up and the ones who trained me were all told they could no longer communicate with me be cause my “negative” quitter attitude would cause them all fail, too. I find it very strange how one little “quitter” like me could ruin so many people, but their brainwashing teaches that it WILL happen. I went as high as Dick Wilson, the regional leader of the area and received 10 minute phone yelling lecture where I was told to “shut up” numerous times and was called “stupid”, “loser”, “quitter”, “a pathetic example of a Christian” and my wife’s illness was ridiculed, mocked and was even blamed on me. I contacted Amway/Quixtar headquarters and was assured I would receive a refund, but after a month received nothing. I had already written the Attorney General’s office and turned them in for the cons they were, and about a week later my letter got results. I was called by Quixtar and told how it was all a misunderstanding and offered a refund.
The refund came in parts and I still had to make an additional call to get them to quit billing me for their brainwashing CD’s, but after a year I finally got my full refund back, short of one cent. Since then I have made that one cent the most expensive penny they ever kept. I have and will continue to tell everyone about what Quixtar and Amway are like and have successful stopped at least a few people from going through the misery I did. You can not play nice with these people. Never threaten them with anything legal or not legal. Never tell the enemy your plan of attack.
Just take action as fast and as hard as you can against them and when they contact you, demand only your refund and back and talk no more to them.
They wish only to get you to back down or trap you into a comment admitting some or all of the fault is yoiurs. All in all Amway/Quixtar is a very evil organization bening run by a few hand-selected evil people who have trapped hundreds of thousands of unspecting good people and brainwashed them into thinking their only way out of a failed lifestyle is Amway. Hit ’em fast and hard, grab your money back and get away from them as fast as possible. I know all this from first hand experience.

If you write a letter to the Amway Corporation

Please, telling them you have chosen NOT to be an IBO, they will refund their share of your application fee. They’re really good about that.

Their main headquarters is:
Amway Corporation
7575 East Fulton
Ada, Michigan USA 40301

But I’m sure if you look over your information, you can find a “local” address for the Corporation. Just make sure it says “Amway”.

You possibly paid more than Amway’s fee to some sort of Motivational Group – the group your sponsor is in. They *might* refund your money – but will probably pressure you to stay in. Just tell them you’ve sent your letter of resignation to the Amway Corporation; and they will go away.

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