I will say for me, I have always been headstrong, independent and for a young woman I do quite well for myself. I was preyed upon at work. I know you guys don’t know me very well but in retrospect I see how they did it. They got to know me first, what I liked, what drove me.

My parents own a small vitamin company. My dad used to always say there was nothing like working for yourself because you had no one to answer to. You do what you want when you want…in a responsible way of course. My parents don’t live a completely glamorous life but they are comfortable and happy. Being out in the workforce I would love to be like that go when I want etc… My passion in life is singing and theater. If I could do it and make a living at it I would.

These are little tidbits that my “upline” found out about me. My dad was also a minister and I have pretty deep Christian roots, want to do missionary work etc…1 more thing to prey on. When I was initially approached I was VERY skeptical. So much to where I went to 5 open meetings before I decided to join. What hooked me was what if I could do theater full time and what if I could do those missionary trips and help out others? What if I didn’t have to work a “job” and I could live those dreams….silly, not for me, that’s how deep those passions lie. Hey from what they said I could own my own theater company some day and travel the world to give back to others. So that is how they hooked me. I was sucked in and dreams dangled in front of me like carrots to a rabbit. Every time I would back away they would tell me of all the things I could do if I just pushed a little harder I could get my dreams to come true. How I would be blessed by blessing others etc

I think I was borderline brainwashed. They said listen to the cd’s which I did, but read the books….now I couldn’t get into it. They preached to sell out to the business for just 2-5 years and your dreams could come true. I thought about that. Sure it wouldn’t affect my ability to do mission work but how would 2-5 years of not practicing and working hard as a singer and performer affect me? I have worked for 17 years to achieve the level of quality in my work if I miss a week of practice let alone two it can set me back for months (if you aren’t a singer you may not understand that) So basically I would sell out and in 2-5 years become a mediocre singer/performer? Yes I could do missionary work but for all the functions I would have to attend my work would have to be tailored around that. To me I would be no better off than if I just kept doing the singing thing part time, work full time and take maybe one missionary trip every few years. If it ain’t broke don’t
fix it you know.

Have I been scarred by my experience oh yes but more so in an “I finally saw the light” sort of way. There were times that I felt like a failure because I didn’t sell out to the business. I wanted so bad to give back to others and I wasn’t getting any real results so I felt I would never be able to help. I still have to work with these people (upline) too so I walk lightly for my own personal reasons. Was I in a self loathing state of mind or suffering from a low self esteem? Hardly. I have been through the fire in my life and I am a survivor no matter what. I know what I am worth and what I am capable of.

I just think Steve needs to realize that what gets most people is the “dream” of what could be. Sure there are those out there that want to “belong” to some secret society (except MLM’s aren’t that), but I think most people on this board had a “dream” (and you still may do it just doesn’t involve a MLM) and that’s how they bought it hook line and sinker. Think about it, the main targets now are young couples and sometimes those with small children. They tell you that your wife can be free to care for your kids. Most parents want what’s best for their children so that’s the “carrot” they get. For younger people, they’ll tell you this will help you retire your parents and take care of them, set a foundation for a family etc. I think most people that get involved just want more for their family in one way or the other, for most it’s not a self esteem problem.