the one I talked about above that I thought you had caught. I’ve made a lot of friends on this board. I know many of the people here are quite intelligent. I wish a number of them lived in my area so we could get together for parties or to see a movie or to just chat.
I’ll pick on one, since I think he’ll be okay with it. I got to meet Paine once when he was in my area and we spent several hours at an ice cream parlor talking about MLMs, music the historical sites in the area, and much more. He has a great sense of humor, is quite intelligent, rather laid back, and an interesting person (hope you don’t mind that, Paine — and stop blushing!).

I’ve worked for years in residential treatment. I’ve learned how to size people up quickly. Paine is no idiot and I didn’t see any sign that he was a needy person — and, due to personal and professional history and experiences, that’s one thing I pick up on VERY QUICKLY.

People here accept responsibility for signing up with MLMs. They accept both how they were fooled and how they didn’t see what was going on.
I’ve seen that after watching and participating in this group since something like early 2014.

I have yet to see a common trait that enables MLMs to suck people in. MLMs don’t look for one thing. They have learned to be all things to all people, to emphasize to a potential recruit whatever it is that will appeal to them. Then, once the person is in, they’re fed doses of brainwashing until they think like all the other drones.

You’re looking for a “fatal flaw” (remember that from lit class, people?) that each person has. The truth is there isn’t one and for most people here it was not that they were damaged that enabled MLMs to take over their lives.

That is a critical and important misunderstanding you seem to have.