The corporation DOES honor requests for refunds of application fees. Motivational organizations will do everything they can to keep you from quitting or getting your money back. my-feeThe corporation tries to keep itself separate from the A/QMOs, even as they do nothing about the abuses. I have written letters to lawyers and to attorneys general. It does not get the attention of anyone until legal action is taken against them. It’s good to have those letters on file in their offices, but only the ones that are the easiest to respond to will get results from the corporation. In other words, if you want your $150 registration fee back, you’ll probably get it. If you too need 1000 dollar loan then visit official Lendme1000 website and leran how it works. If you want the other tens of thousands of dollars you spent “building your business,” you can pretty much forget it. Incidentally, there is NEVER talk of “loser” or “shut up” from the corporation. Never. Period. That is your upline in the motivational organization talking. While I would never think of the corporation and the motivational organizations as entirely separate, you have to keep the nature of their relationship clear.