My partner and I send you warm smiles and respect, a great story to share with other people. You know, your post highlights the dirty, shameful secret of why MLM works. It’s the same as any addiction:

1) It offers a fix for your lack of self-esteem and the pain of your depression, fear, self-

2) It amplifies that self-hatred and depression and it adds SHAME into the equation

3) It exploits and abuses you while making you feel responsible for it’s failure

What I hate about MLM is that the people who set up a business to be an MLM business for sure understand this before they get going. Let’s not mince words. They know. They know the kind of depressed, ‘quick-fix’ people who will throw their resources into it in the same way that daytime TV loan advertisers know the desperate people they too can exploit. It is never accidental. These people know where the stress and the damaged relationships will impact – and they don’t give a damn. They know how costly it will be to the vast majority of ‘business associates’ so that they, the founders, will get rich. And we live in a culture that gives them permission to do this.

Well done for putting your story here, you write with real power. I hope that your action is a step towards healing the lack of self-esteem that put you in a position to be exploited by this ‘system’ in the first place.