but I’ve already rubbed a few people up the wrong way by suggesting that the idea that ‘evil MLM does awful things to perfectly healthy innocent, good people’ is itself instrumental in how and why MLM keeps dragging people into its maw.


Because from that point of view, you don’t have to change. MLM does. OK – you’re entitled to see it that way.

But for a minute, just imagine (however unpleasant this is) that there WAS something about you that made you susceptible to MLM. If that were true but your ‘innocent victim’ point of view shielded you from looking at it, you’d never change it and you’d remain vulnerable to exploitation by MLM / NW opportunities.

Whatever your reaction to my post, we can probably agree that in principle your bad experiences in MLM either DO have something to do with you or they DON’T.

Trust me, I’m as anti-MLM as any of you. In my view, if MLM is evil, its not because it takes innocent, sweet people and abuses them, it’s because it takes damaged, needy people and exploits them.

Believing that MLM came along and destroyed your otherwise healthy self-esteem is – in my view – a form of denial that keeps you vulnerable, and our society from seeing exactly how and why MLM is so destructive.

The same argument, btw applies to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, gambling, porn – you name it.

Replacing Amway / Quixtar with ‘cocaine trade’ in the original quote might be thought- provoking:

‘ All in all, the cocaine trade is a very evil organization bening run by a few hand-selected evil people who have trapped hundreds of thousands of unspecting good people and brainwashed them into thinking their only way out of a failed lifestyle is cocaine’