Month: March 2017

I will only differ with you on one point: ignorance

The MLM leaders RELY UPON ignorance in order for the rest of their pitch to work. If everyone was fully aware (NOT ignorant) of MLM and the harm it has caused, the entire industry would probably collapse.

We cannot know everything about everything, and it’s those gaps in an individual’s knowledge that allows such an elaborate scam to work.
That’s why the only way the industry will be reformed or outlawed is for government to step in and put a stop to the abuses. That’s why those of us who participate in these forums need to take any opportunity we can to let our neighbors, friends, elected officials and anyone else with whom we come into contact hear about it.

I’ve sent letters to my attorney general. I’ve submitted letters to lawyers. I’ve contributed to Eric Scheibeler’s legal fund. My wife and I appeared on Dateline NBC to speak out about MLM. I was approached by an editor at Playboy Magazine (Owning this board has its privileges – wink, wink.)about writing a response to an article they published a few months ago about MLM. I’m sure other opportunities will appear for me in the future.

But I’m only one person. And one of my primary goals for this blog is to make sure that everyone who visits here understands WHY we are here and what we are fighting. That way, more people will have to tools they need (forgive the pun) to assist in the greater goal of bringing an end to abusive MLMs.

Steve, as a new member of this forum-blog, I don’t expect you to understand all of this yet. But I do expect you to refrain from making blanket judgments about people you don’t know. I can assure you that you have NO IDEA about who most of the people here are and what they have accomplished outside of MLM.

I’d call that a form of ignorance. And I don’t blame you or berate you for it. Just keep an open mind. I’m sure your presence here will be valuable for you, and for us.

Yeah, that’s a game anyone can play with any terms

You are missing a VERY important point here: MLMs know how to deceive and mislead a lot of people. It’s not based on being damaged, need to see a counselor, being ignorant, or anything else. They know how to play to your strengths and desires, like any good succubus or incubus.
They know how to lie with sincerity.

And yes, once they get a person in, they are quite capable of damaging their self esteem and taking control of that person in an abusive relationship — which is what it is, an abusive relationship.

As for those of us who have been in, it’s not a matter of saying, “Okay, I was damaged and this is what to deal with,” it’s a matter of saying, “I wasn’t damaged, I walked in and fell for it. I have to deal with that.” And people here are doing that.

If you want to truly understand MLMs you’ll first have to come to terms with the point that it is not a psychological wound that lets them control people, it’s that these groups know how to fool and control people that are doing quite well.

If you insist on denying that, you will never truly understand MLMs or what is going on here.

Oh, and since you’re so fond of metaphors and comparisons, what you are doing is tantamount to saying to a woman, “The whole reason you were raped is because you’re damaged, not because of anything else. It’s your fault you’re a victim.”

See? Anyone can use a metaphor to their own purpose or do the substitution trick you played and make their point. The difference is, in this case, you are talking to people that have been violated and behaving like the statement in the last paragraph.

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