I see your intent, but there was enough left open that it was possible to read what you said and think that part of the issue was that MLMs preyed on those with low self esteem.

Once I even made a gaff like that with my wording and, fortunately, by then, people knew me well enough that someone asked me if I was, indeed, saying something as stupid as what I wrote. At the time I wrote it I remember I was either tired or angry and it came out as if I were saying anyone who joined an MLM was lacking in certain departments. The thing is, when I said that, I had been here long enough to know many of the people here and to have met one or two and know that isn’t true. (I am here over issues with having lost someone in an MLM and stay to help others and because I feel MLMs are one of the truly evil organizations on Earth.) Someone called me on what I said and I realized I had been very careless in my phrasing. I do think that while in an MLM and listening to their brainwashing, one loses critical thinking and that many of the drones are idiots — not because they don’t have a high IQ, but because their thinking processes have been remapped to prevent them from thinking. I have a personal issue there because the MLM drones that can’t think critically remind me too much of an ex-fiancee, so I do have to admit that some personal baggage led me to make the comments I did without clarifying.

So, just to try to help, people here are quite capable of understanding when you’ve made a misstatement and that there was a disconnect between the intended meaning and the written statement.