It was the March, 2007 issue, and the article itself had to do with Tahitian Noni. The author was being prospected into it and related his experiences with the meetings and the juice.
he also wrote about how little money he made and how bad the stuff tasted – a very personal perspective on one company and its narrow line of products.

The editor requested that I, as the owner of this group, offer something in response to the critical and mostly-well-written article that appeared. I agreed, and my response appeared in the July issue in the Letters section.

I didn’t mention it here before because I could not get permission to link to it or quote it. It seemed…I don’t know…strange for me to promote their magazine without being able to reference it. I was also uncomfortable with asking everyone to purchase TWO issues of Playboy magazine – one in order to read this person’s article and the other to see my brief response to it. I didn’t see anything new or Earth-shattering in it, and Playboy’s not the cheapest magazine (or the most comfortable for everyone to be seen reading).

I doubt too many people saw my little note, but I did get a couple of responses to it in my email – mostly calling me a loser and telling me to learn something about it before writing about it. 🙂

It’s nothing y’all haven’t seen here, and elsewhere, many times before.

But I wasn’t going to say “no” to the opportunity to speak out when it was offered to me.