Yes, I overlooked the issue of ignorance. Just as importantly, you point out that we can’t know everything about everything. I didn’t join when my gf took me to the open meeting because, in spite of all the temptation and presentation and everything that went with it, before I went, I spent some time with Google and knew what to expect and knew that even if it wasn’t a fraud, there was no reason to sacrifice a business I had built on my own that was paying the bills, and would be able to do much better, for something that might or might not work for me. Thanks to Google, I did not go into that meeting ignorant!

It’s also important to remember that none of us can know everything about everything. Many of us in this group were in an MLM before search engines. It’s hard keep a perspective on just how much life has changed in the past 10-12 years. In 1995 most people didn’t have the Internet or had even heard of it. Now we count on it as part of our lives and many of us, if we have questions of anything, we go to a search engine and check it out.

Even with that in mind, the open meetings of QS are pretty good at playing emotional tricks on people. They don’t want to tell you what the meeting is about until you’re there and they do a good song-and-dance about how you’ll find a lot of people saying bad things because they’re jealous.

Even with all that, if you search for the right terms for an MLM, many of them have gone out of their way to front load search engine results so you’re likely to get results they want you to see instead of honest opinions.